Whitepaper: Cloud Migration Roadmap For Law Firms


The goal of this white paper is to provide an easy and efficient roadmap for migrating to the Cloud, especially for law firms, and to provide guidance and solutions to the challenges they may face.

The paradigm shift that happened thirty years ago with the introduction of computers changed the way we work; a similar shift is being witnessed in the contemporary business environment. Most legal firms are enhancing their IT capabilities, allowing them to improve service and cope with the competition. The most important and time-consuming task for any organization’s IT team is managing and maintaining in-house infrastructure for supporting their ever-growing needs. This is where Cloud Computing comes into the picture; it has emerged itself as flexible, handy and a performance-enhancing IT solution. Organizations evaluate technologies on the basis of cost-effectiveness, process efficiency, security, and utility. The most important evaluation criterion, especially for law firms, is data security. It is cited to be the primary reason why law firms are hesitant for leveraging cloud-enabled solutions, which makes perfect sense, as law firms deal primarily with highly sensitive data. However, the entire assumption is based on a premise of cloud being unsafe, which begs to differ from most researchers conducted in comparison with in-house solutions.


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