Building a Culture of Holistic Well-being How vTech is Supporting Employee Wellness

Building a Culture of Holistic Well-being How vTech is Supporting Employee Wellness

The Covid-19 pandemic compelled institutions worldwide to review their health and wellness strategy, and vTech is no oddity to the ordinance. For us, this meant taking aware strides to examine our chore procedures and policies and imbibing specific mindfulness exercises to facilitate a happy and favorable work culture at vTech.

Our prime preference is to create a culture of holistic well-being. This implies going beyond physical health and considering different emotional, mental, and social factors that affect health.

We have inaugurated various employee wellness program platforms that give access to one-to-one online counseling. Apart from this, we have periodic check-ins and actual meetups where employees can connect, facilitating a thriving work culture at vTech and an atmosphere of faith, and flexibility. Browse on to learn more about how vTech is supporting employees’ mental health and well-being.

Holistic Well-Being at Work

When we think of wellness, we immediately think of physical exercise or diet. However, the factors that contribute to holistic well-being are not limited to these. For example, employee well-being is defined as their level of involvement and performance at work. To assess an individual’s well-being, three key dimensions are included:

  1. Psychological well-being based on subjective experience
  2. Physical well-being based on body health and function
  3. Social well-being based on interpersonal relationships at work

Why is It Crucial?

Wellness is essential in the workplace. The reason is that wellness and well-being directly impact the company’s future. Moreover, an average employee spends around 50 hours of their week at work. Hence, employees must feel valued, comfortable, and nurtured.

Wellness at the workplace increases employee productivity and enhances staff retention. Moreover, it helps in reducing employee absence and gives other positive health benefits.

vTech’s Drive Toward Employees’ Wellness Includes Employee Wellness Initiatives

In these incredible times, we acknowledge that conversing openly about mental health can assist lessen the stigma related to it. And our employee wellness industry, the vTech employee wellness program, is all about inaugurating and formalizing discussions around mental health.

Usual Check-ins

In the growth of our wellness initiatives, our administrators across offices plan regular conferences with their squad members to watch how they perform personally. To enable a culture of the union, faith, and support, we believe that everyone should be given independence with their job to feel believed.

Motivating Self-Care

Everyone deserves a chance to disassociate from a chore atmosphere occasionally. Administrators motivate their team members to take time off or plan stabs so they can mentally reset. We energize our employees to check in with themselves, stay involved, make healthy options, and maintain a regular sleep schedule.

Developing a Recognition Culture

Creating a culture of recognition is essential to encourage vTech employees to perform enormous work and value their accomplishments. Going on this path, our Rewards and Recognition program gives a shout-out for their minor or significant successes. It facilitates not just executives but furthermore pals to assign their colleagues for their achievements and hard work.

Aiding employee well-being endows them to lend their promise at work and strengthen a work-life proportion. Therefore, we will proceed to arrange methods and policies that are intended to enable an optimistic work culture at vTech.

Establish Core Values

Core values specify how you attain your intuition and fulfill your responsibility. Concluding the correct deals for your teams can make or smash the organization’s work culture. These values form the firm’s image, operational decisions, and capacity to fascinate the best talent. All of which deliver excellence and a productive workplace.

At vTech, high performance is attained through its privilege, impact, and meritocracy core values. The ‘play with objective’ technique is geared towards a creative and cooperative society.

Immerse Creativity & Problem Solving

Delighting and challenging tasks are proven and long-lasting motivators for employees. This happening is more prevalent in the case of Gen X and Gen Z employees. They have been distinguished as crucial masters and challengers-solicitors, and issue-unraveling is ingrained.

Comprehending how their actions connect to the massive picture assists employees feel like they are part of the squad, gives transparency of objective, and directs to an enormous sense of achievement.

Build a Wonderful Work Environment

It is well conventional that coworkers that rejoice in working in an atmosphere where they can be themselves are the primary motivation supporter. The sense of belongingness with a firm appears when all the above are wrapped concurrently. From asserting the same institute of your firm to compromising your workers and ultimately working on it, one creates an atmosphere where the workers feel valued and cared for.

Observe Employee Expectations

Managers today are not unconscious of employee expectations. Employees now gaze beyond ledge perks like game rooms and snacks but seek benefits like parental breaks, health and fitness help, and flexible work. They require significant assistance from leadership, which takes time to listen to their problems and viewpoints, and empathize.

Employees must know that the management has their favorable interests in mind, not only company profits. Everyone brings their knowledge and understanding to the table and expects their resilience to be specified and utilized, motivating their chore. All leaders should be in supporting employees’ wellness.


Here we discussed Building a culture of holistic well-being: how vTech supports employee wellness. Also, employee wellness should be a priority of every organization.

vTech Holistic wellness refers to the interdependence of several dimensions of health, taking its literal meaning from the word “holistic”. Therefore, a person isn’t well unless he or she is well in every area of life – not just physical health. It is widely accepted that holistic wellness encompasses mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

vTech plans to create a world-class work environment for its employees. For this, vTech started employee wellness initiatives and usual check-ins. Moreover, defining vision, establishing core values, and observing employee expectations are other crucial things.

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