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Giving Back
An event of ‘Raatri before Navratri’ was sponsored & organized by vTech Solution India, in association with the Vadodara Society of Physically Challenged, to celebrate Navratri with differently abled individuals in Vadodara. As part of our initiative of giving back to the society, we stood for the physically challenged people and proved that we live in a society which respects all the sections and celebrate our joyous festival with acceptance, inclusion and harmony. This event was focused on making them feel included and motivating them to do Garba together in the same ground. We had more than 300 participants coming forward directly/indirectly to to celebrate and share happiness together. All we want is to extend to our society, the ability to rejoice the vivid colors of life.

We support Vadodara Society of Physically Challenged though donations and participation in their events by volunteering to support their activities.

On June 10, 2017, volunteers from vTech Solution Sponsored and organized a “spreading smiles” event, It was a unique initiative, why? Because we planned to bring aged parents living in Swami Premdas Elder's Home, to meet and spend a day with orphans from Kasturba Vidyalaya in Vadodara. It was a perfect day, with children getting parentally love and the elders getting companionship, and our volunteers feeling blissful and warm-hearted. We helped them create a lively atmosphere and bridge the gap between the two generations.
We live in a society where young and old are often segregated and sometime castaway, with limited opportunity for the two age groups to interact. This initiative was an effort to bring these two generations under the same roof to celebrate and share love and to fill the emptiness in their lives with some moments of joy. Then, it was time to cut the cake and start the celebration!

Together took part in various activities like dancing and playing games which brought a sense of vibrancy and fun to the centre. This initiative brought smile on their faces which were enough to melt hearts.

On 8th October, 2017 vTech solution family celebrated Navratri with the Society of Differently Abled People With a goal to strengthen our society, this program invoked among the youth, the ideals of ‘Tyaga’ and ‘Seva’ which are the most important pillars of serving humanity.
As Navratri is a festival devoted to Goddess Durga, which symbolizes purity and power or ‘shakti’, the crowd had the same enthusiasm and dedication while performing Garba. Also the volunteers took responsibilities to make sure that no one had trouble in any ways. The dance groups formed concentric circles where people of different background and skills joined and performed with joy, accompanied by live orchestra.

The greatest part of our existence enfolds in service of humanity”, our focus on CSR Activities helps our employees know they work with a company whose values align with theirs. On 21st May, 2016, our employees participated in company sponsored volunteer CSR activity with contribution to vTech India’s Charity fund, Investing and Volunteering to [vTech India Giving Away Initiative] by donating and enjoying the day, playing sports and fun games with underprivileged children at Bal Gokulam Orphanage in Karelibaug, Vadodara. It was a humbling experience that makes you appreciate the little things in life.

vTech India has supported Bal Gokulam since 2016 with donations and through our participation in different events and activities.