IT Infrastructure challenges faced by Police and FEMS departments

Internal IT data security and internal infrastructure security is a rising concern in this 21st century. Cybercrimes, Data Breaches, Phishing Scams, Cyber Stalking, Invasion of Privacy and Online Harassment, etc. are a few challenges also faced even by the law enforcement agencies.

In this article, we’ll highlight the use of information technology in police departments and emergency services.

What is the biggest issue faced by police departments and fire services?

It is the exponential rise of a variety of digital evidence the departments need to collect and store, which include videos, images, reports, and other digital electronic records of the victim/accused/casualties, etc. Police and (Fire and Emergency Medical Services) FEMS departments must secure digital data evidence to ensure the integrity of the information’s authenticity, which should also provide access that offers verifiable accountability.

Many law enforcement organizations, depending on Cyber Intelligence agencies and Cyber Forensics firms, also face such challenges whereas hiring private agencies can be challenging unless a trustworthy relationship is built. In such cases, the cyber-security of such first line of defense departments is at risk. Ultimately the main responsibility of an agency’s leadership is to ensure all critical aspects of infrastructure and data security, including cybersecurity.

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Technology in law enforcement agencies sometimes faces phishing actors to exploit critical data or even induce a cascading impact to sensitive infrastructure in a region. Emergency services too, depend on IT and cloud infrastructure for transporting essential forces and defense arms to the affected regions. Technology in FEMS such as emergency alert systems, event tracking, computer-aided dispatching, data sharing, alerts, and operational plans are all critically and highly dependent on the ability to transmit information via the Internet.

Also, COVID-19 has thrown a spanner in the works for 2020. Leaders and founders have a bigger responsibility to shoulder as they are the bridge between their businesses and those who work in their organizations. From ensuring employees their financial stability amongst many other things, the leadership team does wear a lot of hats. By bringing businesses around the world to a halt, the pandemic has increased pressure on all small and big businessmen with operations shut and no backup plans. Apart from worrying about the safety of their families and loved ones, Police and FEMS departments have the additional pressure of safeguarding their jurisdictions.

Thus, the staff of police and FEMS should be provided cybersecurity training amongst other such that it is customized to their area of access, designation, and responsibility. The staff should be aware of phishing email requests, security related to unapproved USB devices, secure password methodologies, and should practice dual-factor authentication.

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It is very important for Police and FEMS departments to focus on the core IT infrastructure security.

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