Massive Google Outage! Google was dead.

Google is having one of the major outages in recent times.

Google services got disrupted, impacting thousands of users, and the majority of users are reporting that they are unable to login into their Google account.

Gmail for mailing,
YouTube for watching videos,
Google Drive for saving data,
Google photos to save photos,

Google meets to attend meetings,

Google search to do everything above and beyond.

It’s pretty much scary.

Google outage: A confusion between the configuration of Google servers led to a massive outage; affecting not only G Suite but also other tech giants that use Google Cloud Services.

Google service abruptly went down. It seems the latest outage, is more intensive than the last one.

The unexpected outage reminds us of how dependent we are on the services provided by the internet giants. Without Gmail, Calendar, and Drive, we probably lost track of the work progress, got the meeting time wrong, and unable to access the important cloud files before a key presentation.

Here’s why vCloud solutions come into the picture:

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