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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) is a set of theories, methodologies, architectures and technologies that convert raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes.

Business Intelligence greatly improves businesses ability to perform management by “facts”.

Webster’s dictionary definition of intelligence: “the ability to apprehend the interrelationships of presented facts in such a way as to guide action towards a desired goal.”

Forrester refers to data preparation (Big Data) and data usage (BI) as two separate but closely linked segments of the business-intelligence architectural stack.

BI helps with data-based decision making that helps predict, track, analyze, and present information as it relates to business performance.

In a dynamic, global economy, organizations need full knowledge in order to sustain and extend business. Organisations need an effective system that improves implementations of business-critical solutions.

An effective system that helps in the analysis of large volumes of data and information to make precise business decisions. Business intelligence can be applied to the following business purposes:

creates a hierarchy of performance and benchmarking that tells business leaders about progress towards BPM goals.

builds quantitative processes for a business to arrive at best decisions and to undertake business knowledge discovery. Involves: data mining, process mining, statistical analysis, predictive analytics, predictive modelling, business process modelling, complex event processing and prescriptive analytics.

Reporting/enterprise reporting

builds infrastructure for strategic reporting to support the strategic management of a business, not operational reporting. Frequently involves data visualization, executive information system and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP).

Collaboration/collaboration platformgets different areas (both inside and outside the business) working together through data sharing and electronic data interchange.

Knowledge management
make the company data driven through strategies and practices to identify, create, represent, distribute, and enable adoption of insights and experiences that are true business knowledge. Knowledge management leads to learning management and regulatory compliance.

At vTech, we provide business intelligence solutions that enable enterprises to extract knowledge and data from unprocessed information to establish a rich, reliable and effective business framework.

Through our business intelligence services, we help organizations by enabling them to make timely, effective and intelligent business decisions.

vTech uses its proprietary methodologies to ensure timely, effective and economical delivery of projects. These methodologies have helped us deliver mission critical solutions within budget and on time with high quality of service.

vTech Business Intelligence solutions include:

Enhancements and Custom DevelopmentData Modelling and Designing

– Presentation and Design(Enterprise Portal Integration)
– Data Mining and Analytics
– Upgrades and Migration
– Maintenance and Production Support

vTech Solution Inc. is known for providing an efficiently packaged business intelligence system for rapid deployment to help an organisation make intelligent decisions.

We have a large pool of certified Business Intelligence consultants. We also maintain strong alliance partnerships with leading vendors like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft to provide our clients with an end to end business intelligence solution.

This is a solution we customize based on your organizational needs. Let’s discuss what works the best for your organization.

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