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Cloud Computing

Our Cloud Infrastructure solution is fully managed by our technical experts without any cost. That is why at vTech, we offer a fully managed hosting solution where we take away the pain of IT infrastructure management from our clients while they can focus on their core business.

vTech managed hosting solution provides dedicated, virtual, or seamlessly integrated environments with 24x7 management of core services including database, security, monitoring, and backup.


Our Cloud Services Include:

vCloud Server

High performance, secured, fully managed server for your all business needs. vCloud servers are fully monitored and managed by vTech technical experts without any additional cost.

vCloud Storage

Fast, reliable, fully managed, Cloud Storage at simple per GB pricing model. vCloud Storage will allow your resource incentive cloud applications to run seamlessly and consistently.

vCloud Security

High-performance security to protect the virtualized data center and extended cloud with firewall and intrusion prevention services (IPS) capabilities.

vCloud Database

The high performance MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle database on fully managed Cloud to deliver consistent performance with reliable storage.

vCloud Backup

With vCloud Backup services, you can quickly get back to your normal operations in case of any system failure. Get empowered by vCloud Backup.

vCloud Big Data

With the Cloud Big Data Platform, you get a production-ready and performance-tested cluster, running on our cloud, supported by a broad ecosystem of partners.

vCloud SharePoint

Harness the power of fully managed SharePoint at predicted monthly cost on your budget.

vCloud Platform (PaaS)

Immediately available fully managed production environment as per your need.

vCloud Exchange

Business Class Email by vTech is a turnkey email collaboration platform powered by Microsoft Exchange that is fully managed by our dedicated team of email experts.


If you have a need to accelerate innovation, have large computing and storage requirements, our Private Cloud is an ideal solution for your organization.

If you have a very strict control, security and compliance needs, our Private Cloud is an ideal solution for your organization.

A private cloud is a scalable cloud environment built on infrastructure dedicated exclusively for your organization. It gives you the same agility and efficiency as a public cloud while still keeping infrastructure in your control.


Your organization might need a bit more flexibility. You might prefer to use partially public cloud and partially private cloud solution.

The right infrastructure for an app or a site may require both cloud and dedicated environments. When that's the case, a true hybrid cloud environment is what you need to explore.

We can help you plan, architect and run your hybrid cloud environment that is just right for your organization. Create your ideal environment by mixing cloud and dedicated servers and then add services and products as needed.

Our services are all backed by industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for the highest uptime Guarantee.

At vTech, we take pride in our ability to deliver a managed hosting solution that is fast and reliable with 100% uptime guarantee. We offer peace of mind through our fully managed hosting solutions where:

  • You can have a predictable monthly expense for managing your IT infrastructure.
  • You get 24/7 support by experts who have the skills and hands on experience in the field.
  • You can focus on your business with a peace of mind knowing that your IT infrastructure is well taken care of in every aspect.