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Risk Assessment

In today’s dynamic, global economy information is the lifeblood of any business. Regulatory noncompliance can cause trouble, while security gaps can leave organizations exposed to data breaches. Such incidents can hurt both their reputation and market share.

Our Risk Assessment Service provides our clients the knowledge they need to reduce these risks at all levels of their business.

The central issue with risk is the probability of uncertainty. What you really want to know is what to do about it: whether to take countermeasures or install risk mitigation.

Personal information is subject to privacy laws. Other types of business information, and anything related to national security, are subject to much more stringent regulations and laws.

To assess your risk, you should ask the following questions, should there be a breech or threat to your business:

– Threat Categorization: What could happen to your information assets?
– Threat Impact: How severe would that be?
– Threat Frequency: How often could that happen?
– Uncertainty Factor: How certain are you in answering these questions?

These questions are less relevant for Software as a Service (SaaS) than they are for Platform as a Service (PaaS), but are more relevant for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

vTech Solution Inc. provides a premium level of risk assessment services that identifies the strengths and weakness of any imminent threats to our clients’ current operating environment.

We define the security posture of your environment and classify any inherent risks that you might face.

Our risk assessment service includes:

1. Identifying and obtaining a high-level understanding of the key business applications in use by a client

2. Identifying all the types of platforms and patch levels on which existing applications reside and identifying the key interfaces between them

3. Identifying at a high level outstanding user needs, demands, and problems regarding existing applications, applications under development, and proposed applications

4. Recommending controls and procedures to be instituted to effectively manage identified risks

We offer various assessment solutions to take care of your security needs:

1. Internal/External Assessment
2. Identifying various internal/external security risks and providing recommendations to fix them
3. Custom Security Assessment
4. Gaining an in-depth picture of our clients’ unique security risks

System Security Assessment

We utilize a host-based approach to detect platform security weaknesses that are not visible to network scanning.

Database Security Assessment

We determine vital information to improve data integrity, availability, access control, and security management.

Intranet Security Assessment

We determine the vulnerability of business-critical systems connected to the client’s intranet.

The central issue with risk is uncertainty. Keeping in mind the three factors of security (confidentiality, integrity and availability), you can ask questions regarding information assets along the lines of what the consequence would be as a result of the following:

– The information asset was exposed
– The information asset was modified by an external entity
– The information asset was manipulated
– The information asset became unavailable

When these questions raise concerns about unacceptable risk, you then need to take action.

We have the resources, expertise, and experience to help you understand, assess and mitigate such security gaps in your environment.

This is a solution we customize based on your organizational needs. Let’s discuss what works the best for your organization.

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