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Kartik Hirpara
Kartik Hirpara Manager, IT Services
Kartik has a strong educational and professional background in Networks, Cybersecurity and Risk assessment. After joining vTech, Kartik has been involved in building and maintaining relationships with technology partners and clients and improving IT service delivery. He works with multiple teams within vTech to position vTech’s service offerings to customers and is responsible for the customer project delivery lifecycle. He is also responsible for maintaining and improving Internal and customer IT infrastructure processes while ensuring a zero-trust security approach. He focuses on a preventive detection and response methodology, security operations, cyber intelligence, security architecture, and governance to bring the best security solutions to our clients. Kartik is responsible for shaping cybersecurity and IT projects to drive optimum delivery of outputs, including planning at the level appropriate to the complexity of the project, structuring and sequencing appropriate sets of tasks. He specializes in using effective stakeholder management to mitigate and reduce risk based on industry standards and business requirements. He holds a master’s degree in Networking and Telecommunications.