What is Cloud Washing And How to Avoid It?

Utilizing the cloud has become a regular part of business and professional life, especially for big companies. Whether they handle technology or sensitive information, the cloud is too useful to skip for a modern business framework. However, choosing a cloud to fit organization needs can be a little tough, not to mention pricey.

Cloud services cover a vast range of offers such as business applications, document storages, backup solutions, databases, and virtual servers, that can be whenever demanded purchased from CSPs through a public network or the Internet.

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Since the cloud programs are inevitable in every aspect of business operation, the need to market it extensively by the marketers is simply on the rise. That eventually leads to cloud washing. Basically, cloud washing is an instance where the software providers use the word “cloud” to market their product or brand and generate sales.

What is Cloud Washing?

Cloud Washing is a pejorative term for a supposedly cloud-based solution that does not use any authentic cloud features. The implication behind the name is that a company is trying to pass off existing non-cloud products as “cloud computing.” Companies believed to be cloud washing are allegedly inflating their portfolio of cloud products on their financial statements.

There are some signs to tell if businesses receive cloud washed products. If they have a lot of server prerequisites, remote application software, and complex requirements to enable other applications, the organizations could get in the trap. The term is the same as “Greenwashing,” where corporations try to claim that their products are environmentally friendly when they really are not.

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How Can Organizations Identify Cloud Washing?

When you list out vendors, you need to look out for some signs that will help you to distinguish between a genuine cloud service provider and cloud washed product provider. If you face several prerequisites, rigorous use of remote application software to resemble an authentic cloud platform, complexities in configuration requirements, then you must understand that something is not right here.

How Can Organizations Avoid This Trap?

Take a look at these tips that might help you to checkmate the cloud washing practice:

  • The data center audits should be well planned with programs and processes in place.
  • Lack of uniformity in security among applications throughout is a clear signal of cloud washing.
  • Unorganized user interfaces in various devices hint a cloud washed product.
  • Overuse of “Cloud” in vague marketing jargon.
  • The need for custom integrations.
  • No resource pooling.
  • Lack of developer tooling and configurability.
  • Developer tooling not planned with redundancy.
  • The server arrangement is not distributed.

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