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Why vTech


We bring enhanced performance and scale to your business through our services. We provide premium quality IT Consulting, Cloud Services, Software Consulting, Staffing Solution and Knowledge Process Outsourcing for our customers in the most cost effective manner.

That is what we have been doing since we started and every year we have grown along with our customers. Our services feed our clients’ momentum and growth. That in turn feeds our growth. It’s a synergistic combination that is the groundwork of successful business.

We will help you create your ideal environment by collaborating cloud and dedicated servers and then add services and products as needed. vTech’s entire gamut of technology services is primarily geared towards providing solutions for making businesses connect faster, better and wider.

At vTech India, our emphasis is on understanding the business domain and needs before contemplating on a technology solution.

VTech India Workforce Solutions streamlines the entire recruiting and placement process for you while reducing costs through our comprehensive management process


  • vTech is financially stable and well-funded. Our Parent firm vTech Solution, Inc. (USA) is headquartered in Washington DC with major operations in Washington Metropolitan Area.
  • We have the knowledge and expertise in delivering mission critical solutions that help organizations adapt to the ever changing economic landscape and establishes best practices that focus both on IT systems and people.
  • vTech India has extensive IT Services outsourcing experience in US & Canada Government and Commercial sector.
  • We have a 97% customer retention rate due to our customers’ total satisfaction with our services, technology and people.
  • We have developed an extensive pool of pre-screened, well qualified and knowledgeable IT resources. This IT resource database across several technologies and regions is available for future Customer staffing requirements.
  • With our regional span, integrated resources and ready access to the latest technology, we are able to devise and scale up solutions as quickly as your business can take on new staff, embrace new applications or develop new disciplines.
  • Each of our customer accounts has a dedicated Customer Service Representative in our Client Relations department which is supported by a team of highly-trained individuals. Each one will be familiar with your account, ensuring that your calls and emails are answered by someone who knows your business requirements.

vTech is perfectly positioned to respond to unforeseen events and issues. We will work with you as a partner to deliver solutions which maximize your results.


1. Consultative Approach

vTech's core focus is on solving clients' business problems. Our team members have experience and in-depth knowledge across a range of industries. We understand the constraints of clients' workplace environments.

We assign a dedicated account manager specifically for your organization. We do this to ensure our processes and  services meet your specific needs. We are rigorous in understanding our clients' needs through every phase of a project or service.

2. High Quality Customer Service

We provide services without compromising on quality. Our people stand up and take the responsibility to go the extra mile to provide the highest quality service.

With our Quality Assurance & Compliance Teams, we ensure our customers are provided the most accurate and highest quality services using industry best practices.

Our approach is client-driven so your account will always be handled by an experienced individual intimately familiar with your unique processes.

Continuous process improvements, rigorous internal audits and the best data sources all fuel our ability to boast of our high quality customer service.

3. Value Added Services

Our innovative and efficient services provide a competitive edge for our clients. Services such as cloud assessment, optimized infrastructure support and security services prepare our clients for the next information technology challenge.

4. Customized Solution at Optimized Cost

With IT budgets tightening, costs become an increasingly important criteria influencing critical IT projects. Every client is unique and solutions to support client problems must be unique also.

We provide customized solutions at competitive rates through effective utilization of optimized processes and advanced technologies.

Our world-class implementation methodology ensures that project costs are kept within budget, to ensure our customers receive an optimal return on their investment.

5. Quick Turnaround

Timely delivery is an imperative to the success of any project. We give special attention to each of our clients. We have dedicated resources to provide an immediate response and a quick turnaround.

We deliver the right services and solutions on time with a very high priority on customer satisfaction.

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